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Links to other IPA sites


Here are some other sites that have stuff about IPA. We pared the list down to just the ones that are really beneficial, 'cause you're in a hurry, right?


Wikipedia - It's Wikipedia, what else can we say?


International Phonetic Association - These are the dudes who maintain the IPA. You want the authority, here they are.


IPA chart with audio - University of Victoria has a web-based IPA chart with sounds. Just click on a character to hear what it sounds like.


IPA chart with audio - Another web-based IPA chart with sounds from York University in case the University of Victoria one doesn't work in your browser.


IPA chart with audio and more - Peter Ladefoged's page at UCLA with clickable IPA chart and much more about phonetics. Peter Ladefoged (1927-2006) was the master.


Videos and sounds for IPA characters - University of Sheffield site with videos even.


Spectrograms - You're not going to believe it, but there are people who puzzle out spectrograms for fun, like sudoku and crossword puzzles. Here's a prof at University of Manitoba who has the last word on spectrograms.


Webstuff.org - General stuff about the IPA and phonetics



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