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Configuring Konqueror for IPA


You use Konqueror. You are so KDE!


In case you are reading this just because you are curious about Konqueror, you should be aware that it is free and there are versions for both 32- and 64-bit Linux, but it only runs on Linux. Having said that, the default browser on MacOS is Safari, which uses the core rendering engine of Konqueror.


Viewing IPA on web sites with Konqueror

When setting up a browser for IPA there are two problems - viewing web pages and entering IPA in online forms and webmail. Viewing web pages is easier, so we'll start with that. The first thing you need to do is test your browser because most of the time people's Konqueror is properly set up for viewing IPA right out of the box. If so, you can forget about the rest of the viewing instructions. To test your browser go to our Browser test page and scroll down the page looking at all the IPA characters. If any of them are missing, empty boxes, or otherwise trashed, then you need to fix your Konqueror for viewing IPA on web pages (see below).


Fixing Konqueror for viewing web pages

One of the things Konqueror devotées love is that it is the native browser for the KDE desktop, so everything you have configured on your desktop will likely also be configured for Konqueror. Konqueror offers a great many options for individual configuration, including the option to save view profiles.

At this moment Konqueror is in transition between KDE 3.5 and 4.0. We find that our browser test page renders correctly for us with both versions, but in the interests of keeping more time for us to drink beer we are going to assume that Linux people can figure out how to fix their Konqueror if it does not. After KDE 4.0 goes final we will expand this page to include solutions for possible problems that users report to us.

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