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Generating Characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet


A Resource for Linguists and Linguistics Students


Welcome to IPA-4-Linguists! This site was created to act as a clearing house for best practices in generating characters from the IPA with your computer. If you are already familiar with the idea of fonts and character sets, look for information specific to your Operating System below ― there are sections for office applications, browsers, and e-mail applications. You can also go to Mapping your keyboard to learn how to remap your keyboard so that you can generate entire documents chock full of IPA characters.


If you're new to the idea of fonts and character sets, read abouthttp://ipa.typeit.org/ it on our Font Primer and our How to install fonts on your computer page. If you don't have a good IPA font installed, go to our Cool free IPA fonts to download page for links to all the neat IPA fonts. If you need the codes for inserting IPA characters into your text, go to Download a table of IPA codes to get a word processor file with just about all the characters anyone would ever need. And we even have a page for old hands who need to upgrade old documents ― just go to our Converting from older technologies page and you'll discover there are tools to make the process painless.


Finally, there is also an online tool that does a nice job of giving you IPA symbols. You can type your IPA symbols in on their website and then copy/paste them into your document. It works with most, but not all, word processors. This tool is at ipa.typeit.org. The default is English, but it has symbols for all languages. You can use the tool on their webpage for free or buy the app for $13 - $18 ($13 = English only, $18 = all languages). It's a slick app and is an easy way to use keyboard shortcuts for IPA symbols.


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This site is a labor of love produced by a team of Linguistics grad students at Portland State University, using tools, sites, and tricks found all over the Internet, as well as those provided by you! If you see an error, have a problem, want to make a suggestion or even join the team and help with this wiki, please contact us at ipa4linguists (at) gmail (dot) com we'll be happy to hear from you!


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