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EudoraConfigure Eudora for IPA

              (or not)


General how-to and tips

Eudora, one of the oldest and formerly one of the most powerful email clients for Windows and MacOS, is no longer being supported by Qualcomm, and commercial versions are no longer being sold. If you can't live without it, you can still download the last sponsored versions ever produced from www.eudora.com. Now open source, a new free version of Eudora based on Thunderbird code is being developed by Mozilla.


The bad news

If you're a linguist or enjoy impersonating one over email, you should probably start thinking about learning to live without Eudora, at least for now. The English versions produced by Qualcomm only supported ISO 8859-1 encoding, offering no Unicode support at all.  For those of us whose grade or livelihood depends upon accurately sending or receiving that crucial barred reversed glottal stop or not-audibly-released t, this fact renders Eudora nearly useless as a mail client.  Eudora fans might want to keep an eye on what happens in future open-source incarnations of the app - this has evidently been an immensely popular feature request, judging from the number of forum posts out there about it.


Thunderbird works just fine with Unicode on MacOS, Linux and Windows.  We like it.

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