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The following is a list of some of the most common IPA characters. Scroll down the list and look to see if any of the characters does not appear, if a box appears instead of the character, or if you see trash instead of the character. If so, you need to fix your browser. Go back to the page for your browser (back arrow) or click on the icon for your browser, Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Konqueror and look for instructions for what to do if the test page does not display correctly. 


(Note to Mac users: We are aware that there are some issues displaying some of the characters in all browsers except Firefox, within which you can do a simple override of page-specific font faces (see our Firefox page for instructions).  We'll have a workaround posted very, very soon.  Contact us if you urgently need help before that.)




ɑ   script a

ɐ   turned a

ɒ   turned script a

æ  ash

ɓ   hooktop b

ʙ   small cap b

ɔ   open o

ɕ   curly-tail c

ç   c-cedilla

ɗ   hooktop d

ɖ   right-tail d

ð   eth

ʤ  d-yogh ligature

ǝ   schwa

ɘ   reversed e

ɚ  right-hook e

ɛ   epsilon

ɜ   reversed epsilon

ɝ  right-hook reversed epsilon

ɞ   closed reversed epsilon

ɟ   dotless barred j

ʄ   hooktop barred dotless j

ɡ   script g

ɠ   hooktop g

ɢ   small cap g

ʛ   hooktop small cap g

ɦ   hooktop h

ɧ   hooktop heng

ħ   crossed h

ɥ   turned h

ʜ   small cap h

ɨ    barred i

ɪ    small cap i

ʝ    curly-tail j

ɭ    right-tail l

ɬ    belted l

ɫ    tilde l

ɮ   l-yogh ligature

ʟ   small cap l

ɱ  meng

ɯ  turned m

ɰ  long-leg turned m

ŋ   eng (engma)

ɳ   right-tail n

ɲ   left-hook n

ɴ   small cap n

ø   slashed o

ɵ   barred o

ɸ   phi

θ   theta

ð   eth

œ  o-e ligature

ɶ   small cap o-e ligature

ʘ   bullseye

ɹ    turned r (English r)

ɺ    long-leg turned r

ɾ    fish-hook r (tap)

ɻ   right-tail turned r

ʀ   small cap r

ʁ   inverted small cap r

ɽ   right-tail t

ʂ   right-tail s

ʃ    esh

ʈ    long-leg t

ʧ   t-esh ligature

ʉ   barred u

ʋ   script v

ʊ   upsilon (bucket)

ʌ   turned v (wedge)

ɣ   gamma

ɤ   baby gamma

ʍ   turned w

χ   chi

ʎ   turned y

ʏ   small cap y

ʑ   curly-tail z

ʐ   right-tail z

ʒ   yogh

ʔ   glottal stop

ʡ   barred glottal stop

ʕ   reversed glottal stop

ʢ   barred reversed glottal stop

ǀ    pipe

ǁ   double pipe

ǂ   double barred pipe

ǃ    exclamation mark

ˈ    primary stress

ˌ    secondary stress

ː    long (vowel)

ˑ    half-long (vowel)

ʼ    ejective

ʴ    rhotacized

ʰ   aspirated

ʱ   breathy voice

ʲ    palatalized

ʷ   labialized

ˠ   velarized

ˤ    pharyngealized

˞    rhotacized

↓   down arrow

↑   up arrow

→   right arrow

←   left arrow

↗   upwards arrow

↘   downwards arrow


The following are examples of combining diacritics. If the diacritic is not perfectly centered, this is normal. That is because combining diacriticals are designed with the "character" far to the left so it will appear on top of the preceding character. But not all characters are of equal width, so they frequently appear a slight bit off center. In the following section for each character there is a regular letter followed by the combining diacritical.


n̩   syllabic n

u̥   voiceless u

b̊   breathy voice b

t̪   dental t

s̬   voiced s

b̰   creaky voiced b

t̺   apical t

t̻   laminal t

t̚   not audibly released t

o̹   more rounded o

o̜   less rounded o

u̟   advanced u

e̠   retracted e

ë   centralized e

e̽   mid-centralized e

e̝   raised e

e̞   lowered e

e̯  non-syllabic e

e̘   advanced tongue root e

e̙   retracted tongue root e

ĕ   extra short e

e̋   extra high tone e

ē   mid tone e

ȅ   extra low tone e

t͡ʃ   tie bar over t and esh


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